A Photographers Creativity.
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A good photographer needs to be creative. They should be able to create wonderful portrait photographs regardless of where they shot them. Outside with natural backgrounds or inside with a green screen, a photographer needs to show their creativity. The photograph to the left shows an image using the green screen. What looks like an image of a man and a woman holding a broom and a pitch fork in front of a green screen does not look like much. However as you will see below, by adding a background and a little grundge and other effects an image can be converted into a very nice image.
This is what can be done.
Added by: Dennis Tatro
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You will never know when you might need a photograph.
You will never know when the need will arise when you need a photograph of you and your spouse or other family members. Thats why taking portraits with a green screen can have it's advantages. Of course skills in Adobe Photoshop are needed as well and thats why if your serious about getting quality images, you need a professional photographer. Owning a camera does not make just anyone a professional but the ability to use that camera and then to be able to push that image into something creative can only be accomplished by a professional. It's worth the extra effort, time and money.
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