About Us

Denlore Photography.
We've been in the photography business for over twenty years and have hundreds of happy clients. We make weddings very special by getting involved and making sure every detail is taken care of so that your images are absolutely beautiful. We catch all of the excitement and beauty of horse shows as well as all of the candid moments of your event. You can also be rest assured that every child, senior, family and glamour portrait shoot will make every man, woman and child absolutely beautiful.

Meet Our Team

Laura Tatro
A graduate from the New York Institute of Photography, Laura is not only a top notch photographer but also an expert with Adobe Photoshop. She's the person who removes unwanted items in your photos and makes our glamor models more glamous.
Dennis Tatro
A graduate of the Western Mass School of Broadcasting, Dennis has experince in video as well as photography and web design. He's the person that uploads the thousands of images Denlore produces and color corrects and crops the photos you purchase.
Adobe Photoshop
is a professional image editing software package that can be used by experts and novices alike. It is now easier than ever to manipulate your photos and images in a clean, professional manner.
Dell Precision™ workstations
are the most powerful tower, rack and mobile workstations you buy, featuring exceptional graphics capabilities and storage capacity along with design features that enable easy expansion.

Photo Prices

  • 5X7 Print $25.00
  • 8X10 Print $35.00
  • 8X12 Print $45.00
  • 11X14 Print $65.00
  • 16X20 Print $85.00
  • High Resolution Image $30.00
  • Facebook Image $20.00

Copyright Notice

Photographs that are purchased
May be used for sales, promotions, portfolios, web sites or any other personal reasons. Third party usage prohibited. Call for stock photos.
Denlore Photography
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